Bitter Babushka Bar- 2 varieties


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Babushka’s bath soap is for everyone! This bath promises to clean up the whole family while keeping skin soft, supple and cared for. So go ahead and scrub up your filthiest kids, greasiest teens and stingiest grown ups. Hand crafted with goats milk and Rose hip, Babushkas bath bar will soon become both your secret weapon against filth and your favorite skin softening indulgence.

Contains saponified oils of: coconut, grape seed oil, and sunflower. Lard, goats milk and Rose hip oil. Proudly made in Ohio’s Mohican Valley

Babushkas heavy duty pumice soap: it’s not for sissies!
This soap is for the filthiest of hard working hands. It cuts through the toughest grime with exfoliating pumice, then conditions with goats milk and Rose hip oil. Helpful on more than just hands, its useful on stains around the home and clothing too!
All Bitter Babuskas soaps are handcrafted in small batches to assure quality in every bar.

Contains: saponified oils of coconut, sunflower, grape seed & olive. Lard, tallow, goat milk, pumice, rose hip oil.

Gives to our local women’s shelter.