Randall Ram Happy Sidekick


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In a pile of a million plush toys, you can really only have one true sidekick.

This soft lovey is designed for cuddles and teething with a mix of wood and silicone teething rings to make both baby and mom happy.

The wood ring is removable to wash, replace with a pacifier or even hook the Velcro loop to the stroller or carrier.

Teething rings soothe sore gums
Comforting cheerful rattle
Velcro loop for pacifier or stroller
Size: 13.5 inch from head to toe
I’m Randall the Ram, I climbed and I swam to find a new home with YOU! I come from Montana, like naps and bananas and frequently visit the zoo.

Did you know I can sing? That I used to be King? Yes, these secrets are true. Although I was royal, I’ll always be loyal. We’ll be friends through and through.