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Have you ever noticed that coffee only keeps you sharp and focused for an hour or two? Do you want to power through your entire day without loading up on caffeine and stimulants?

Enjoy a caffeine-free boost of natural energy or simply extend your morning coffee without the crash. Clinical studies show that the special galanga extract found in our SMILE® bar improves mental alertness and activity with no stimulants or spicy taste. SMILE bars are the ultimate brain food snacks.

– Designed for alertness and focus without jitters or “crash,” mood-lifting cacao promotes a happy morning, energy without stimulants
– Good source of protein
– Excellent source of dietary fiber
– Bar contains 13 grams of “good” fat, 18 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
– Contains MCT oil
– Banana Pumpkin Seed flavor, with dark chocolate notes (no natural or artificial flavoring added); contains pure raw cacao but no dairy!